How Kia Developed Their Brand name Identification

How Kia Developed Their Brand name Identification

There constantly appeared to be a problem when it concerned buying, renting or renting a Kia. Their brand name was considered a little bit doing not have when put side to side with the similarity Ford, Volkswagen and so forth Kingw88

It had not been that Kia was bad, vice versa in truth, Kia produced quality vehicles at low cost – but they did not have that strong history of heritage and background that so many others in their market had accomplished many moons back. Today (certainly in the last 10 years), we customers have become progressively high in assumptions. Improvements in media, interaction, transport and so forth have meant that we are all connected through a combination of electronic discussions, adverts and systems – we have an around the world market place to browse.

Brand names wanting to climb up this Everest are facing real challenges, they need to enter a market differently, adjusting their brand name to in shape that geographical area – to port perfectly right into its society and understand what these individuals appearance for for their money. Kia Electric motors Company is a Southern Oriental brand name, with 12 manufacturing and setting up factors and subsidiaries in 165 nations about the world.

The UK houses over 166 dealerships, which is outstanding for such a brand-new entrant into our coasts. Kia Electric motors Europe where billed with the sales and marketing to the European market, and they began relatively well in their quest for success. Kia started exporting simply one vehicle, the Kia Satisfaction, to the UK in 1991 – and it proved to be popular with a sales number of 1,800 in their first year, increasing to 5,000 in 1993.

A great begin for the brand name, when points work out – it is just all-natural to increase your item choice and give the buyers a little bit more to pick from the group. From 1993 to 1999, Kia launched a collection of vehicles; Kia Rio, Coach, Shuma, Cerato, Sportage, Sorento and a couple of others came rolling into our roadways. Effective sales were expected this is where points began to curdle for the team. Sales numbers in 1999 for Kia were bad, very bad.

Despite an expanding range, sales for 1998 was available in a not-so grand total of about 3,000 sales in the whole range – the most awful in any complete year on the British Market. Major doubt about whether Kia would certainly survive the British market hung over the KME with an approaching ruin. Something had to be done. Company Supervisors, Marketing guru’s and local dealerships banded with each other to attempt to deduce the problem and eventually resolve their branding issue. Kia was known for being ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ – what’s incorrect keeping that? everything in today and age. The year 2000 saw a turn in markets and marketing overall, individuals expected low cost for quality items – there was no ‘you obtain what you pay for’ attitude any longer, particularly within the vehicle market.

You can accredit this pendulum motion towards the expanding use social media networks and worldwide retail electrical outlets, we could see crystal clear that markets in position such as China, India and America where paying much less compared to us for the same item – the UK wanted a slice of the cake. Kia identified this and opened up the drapes to the Kia Credos, a four-door tavern just like the popular Ford Mondeo/Vauxhall Astra, but with more spec and, most significantly, a reduced price. It was incredibly popular, and sales increased whilst Mondeo and Astra’s numbers dropped – they had comprehended the marketplace, high quality, low cost.

With this in mind, they once again broadened their range in the year 2000, adopting the ethos of the Credos and sales numbers quickly increased. Appeal with British Buyers was expanding, and at a extremely fast speed – by 2009 Kia was announced as a prominent brand name in Britain, with sales breaking the 50,000 obstacle for the very first time and a market share of 2%.

Kia’s marketing projects were extremely effective and they used a wide range of cross-channel methods to ensure this. They produced their USP of the ‘7 Year Warranty’ – something virtually unprecedented in the vehicle market. They appointed new vehicle architects from Audi to improve their models, to give their vehicles that modern and new ambiance which was doing not have in their previous range – simply appearance at the Kia Sportage in 2006 when compared with the 2011 model, a large change. With Kia going solid, many brand names are stopping working – simply appearance at the once renowned MG Electric motors – currently having a hard time to sell any vehicles at all, despite a re-launch and a brand-new model right into the UK markets. Factors for this are almost the opposite of what Kia faced, MG Electric motors new MG6 is a attractive practical vehicle, but with a price of nearly 19,000 extra pounds – it is reached take on the less expensive saloons which have a general better efficiency, MG need to take a fallen leave from Kia’s book. Kia’s marketing group also turned up with an extremely effective motto to accompany their new found success, the ‘Park the Cliches’ project reverberates their ahead motion – we are all certainly parking previous presumptions we had from Kia, they’ve done global marketing right – and it is functioning.

Watch your space in the automobile globe, 2013 will bring new tricks and deals with as technology goes further, electrical vehicles become a genuine opportunity and the pattern of ‘making points as small as possible’ is ending up being scarily important – it certainly will be an interesting year.

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