What Reason Are You Using to Not Obtain Professional Pictures Done?

What Reason Are You Using to Not Obtain Professional Pictures Done?

“Why do you think you are not pretty?” Kingw88

This was the question asked of me from among our veteran clients-turned-friend after I finally obtained the nerve to obtain professional pictures done and posted several of them on Twitter and google.

More on answering that thought-provoking question momentarily but first, I wanted to share the reason I FINALLY obtained the pictures done.

Ever listened to of the saying, “Do as I say and not as I do”? I was obtaining sick of saying that to customers when I saw their coastline picture or a photo of their kids as a depiction of their brand name on social media.

How could I maintain informing them to spend in some professional pictures when I could hardly obtain nerve to put up a picture taken of me at a party from 8 years back?

It was the just picture that I didn’t gag on when I saw it, so I used it. For a very long time.

In 2015 I damaged devoid of that old picture and had our videographer snap a couple of shots of me when we were doing shooting a video clip for a customer.

I used that one for about a year.

Why did it take me as long? I guess I was waiting…

Waiting on some wonder to occur that I would certainly all of a sudden be OK with seeing myself in pictures.

You see, I dislike seeing myself in pictures. Duration.

All I see are the nasty, protruding, ugly shortages. You know the type I’m discussing.

But someday I concerned my detects and recognized that I’d never ever reasonably reach that point of being devoid of those oh so many shortages, so decided to, one day quickly, find a regional professional digital photographer and obtain my professional pictures done.

I also decided I would certainly obtain my cosmetics done at the same time… I thought that cosmetics can mask all kinds of nasty, protruding, ugly shortages together with the right illumination and at the right angle.

And lo and witness, in strolls a fantastic cosmetics musician to my life, Judy LeBeau of Beauty by Judy that simply happened to be partnering with a regional professional digital photographer, Taneane Tweale Digital photography, which I had currently known for many years.

They asked me to be their model for their marketing items for when they formally announced their joint endeavor.

Say what?


Be a design?

You’re kidding right? Is this some type of terrible joke?

Nope, they wanted me alright.

I concurred.

Big breath.

Why do not I think I’m very pretty? Well, let me matter the ways…

  • I was harassed in institution. I was called ugly on a routine basis, disregarded, teased, taunted and all the various other enjoyable stuff that kids in primary school think ready times.
  • My sibling was also a bully. His idea of enjoyable was calls me “Sueeeeey” (as in calls a pig), calls me various other choice, terrible names, and basically dealing with me as if I were a insect that had to be squashed on a continuous basis.
  • My Mother, being the frugal girl that she was, purchased the $1 gallon containers of lotion wash for hair. I do not think my entangled, kinky ruined hair taken advantage of that financial investment a lot.
  • And do not obtain me began about my horribly dry skin (“Porcupine” was another animal name) and railway track dental braces!

Will I take place? I think you obtained the picture.

I matured quite convinced I wasn’t pretty, not by a lengthy fired.

I’m not sharing this to obtain your sympathy but simply giving some understanding as to why I loathe seeing myself in pictures.

Or will I say used to loathe.

That is until I saw the pictures that Taneane and Judy took of me.

They stunned me. Really.

Not just that, but throughout the entire process, they made me feel pretty! We had a lot enjoyable too, it was an amazing experience and one I will prize for a very long time.

So currently I can finally say to DO what I DO and if you have not purchased obtaining professional pictures provided for your social media accounts, marketing items and website, after that please think me that if I can do it, so can you!

The correct time is today.

Do not delay to shed those 10 (or whatever) extra pounds.

Do not delay to expand out your hair just to suffice brief again anyhow.

Do not wait on the skies to transform yellow and for pigs to fly.

Simply do it.

You’ll be impressed at how great you’ll feel when you see the finished pictures.

If you live in the Lower Landmass of BC, please do on your own a favour and contact Taneane and Judy and otherwise, find someone in your area.

You can say thanks to me later on.

For your success,


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